Tim Okoniewski

This is the part where you get the chance to take a little glance into who I am and where I'm from! I'm originally from the Windy City (Go Cubs Go!!), but I have been lucky enough to call Arizona my home for the last 16 years. Although I miss my deep dishes and home games at Wrigley and Soldiers Field, I fell in love with Arizona the moment I arrived.

I have always enjoyed the creative aspects of art, along with the technical side of web/graphic design. So in 2002 I received my degree from Columbia College in Interactive Multimedia, and promptly began my career in Web/Graphic Design.

Currently, I am an Sr. Salesforce Email Developer for Acxiom, coding emails for US and international customers. I am coding heavily in SalesForce using AmpScript, HTML and CSS to pull in highly personalized, dynamic content for our emails. All our emails are responsive to display across all devices and vigorously tested using Litmus and Validity.

In the past, I have enjoyed a career spanning a few different concentrations, including education focused on the arts and Web/Graphic Design from kindergarten through collegiate levels. I've done a large amount of contract work for a local TV station, which was really fascinating and taught me quite a bit about an industry completely new to me. I have 9 years of experience as a Content Specialist and QA/UAT Tester, and I worked for a high paced, creative marketing firm as a Creative Solutions Specialist providing top notch Web Design, Front End Web Development, Email Development/Design and Graphic Design for Print and Digital campaigns.

For almost 25 years
Tim Okoniewski has enjoyed life as a developer/designer

From the corporate world, to the education field and the marketing agency, I have been privileged to work in a variety of industries throughout my career.

Tim and Woz

"The Woz and I with the shirt I designed to promote Woz U. It has his 'Formula For Life Equation' on it."

I have been fortunate enough to work together with Steve Wozniak to help create Woz U, a coding boot camp designed to get people into the workforce quickly and affordably. From a marketing perspective, I assisted in the development of the Woz U website and maintained the site from a content management perspective. I also was the creative mind for paid social media campaigns, emails and lead gen landing pages.

Tim's Cube

A quote from a colleague of mine, "My tech buddy Tim Okoniewski at work has the dopest cube."


Promoted to Senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer at Acxiom.



Joined Acxiom as their Senior Salesforce Email Developer.



Joined PetSmart as their Salesforce Email Developer.



Joined Blue Anvil Marketing as their Creative Solutions Specialist.

(company closed, no URL available)


Website Content Manager for local TV station AZTV.



2007-2016 / Web Development Analyst / Content Management / Graphic Design work for Relocation Company Brookfield Global Relocation Services (BGRS).



2006 – 2007 / Corporate Program Manager of Graphic Design at High-Tech Institute.

2005-2006 / Graphic Design Instructor/ Curriculum Developer / Instructional Designer at Anthem College – A Division of High-Tech Institute.

(school closed, no URL available)


2003-2005 / Art and Technology Teacher/Global Server Administrator at Fountain Hills Charter School



2000-2002 / Web Designer at Household International


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